CompTIA CertMaster Labs for Linux+ (XK0-005) Individual License

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  • Gradable hands-on assessments provide an accurate picture of your ability to correctly and efficiently perform job tasks
  • Browser-based labs require only a reliable internet connection and modern browser, with no special equipment
  • Scenarios aligned with CompTIA exam objectives
  • License valid for 12 months
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What you’ll learn

CompTIA CertMaster Labs for Linux+ (XK0-005) enable hands-on practice and skills development using real equipment and software accessed through a remote, browser-based lab environment. Aligned with Official CompTIA courseware and the CompTIA Linux+ (XK0-005) exam objectives, CertMaster Labs make it easy for learners to practice and apply their skills in real workplace scenarios in preparation for the certification exam. All lab activities include gradable assessments, offer feedback and hints, and provide a score based on learner inputs, ultimately guiding you to the most correct and efficient path through job tasks.

There are two types of labs in the course:

  • Assisted Labs guide the learner step-by-step through tasks, offering assessment and feedback throughout a 10-15 minute experience, allowing the learner to correct any misunderstandings as they proceed through the activity.
  • Applied Labs present a series of goal-oriented scenarios in a 20-30 minute experience covering multiple topics, scoring the student at the end of the activity based on their ability to successfully complete each scenario. As a result, learners are forced to think critically about how to approach problems without a prescribed set of steps.

Labs Available:

Assisted Lab: Exploring the Lab Environment

Assisted Lab: Basic Linux Interaction

Assisted Lab: Manage User Accounts

Assisted Lab: Manage Group Accounts

Assisted Lab: Configure and Troubleshoot Privilege Escalation

Assisted Lab: Configure Standard Permissions

Assisted Lab: Configure Special Permissions

Assisted Lab: Configure ACLs

Assisted Lab: Troubleshoot Permissions

APPLIED LAB: Identity and Access Control

Assisted Lab: Manage File Links

Assisted Lab: Use File Management Commands

Assisted Lab: Search for Files

Assisted Lab: Edit Text Files

Assisted Lab: Backup, Restore, and Compress Files

Assisted Lab: Manage RPM Packages

Assisted Lab: Manage DEB Packages

Assisted Lab: Compile a Program

Assisted Lab: Download Files From a Web Server

APPLIED LAB: File and Software Management

Assisted Lab: Deploy Storage and LVM

Assisted Lab: Manage Processes

Assisted Lab: Manage Services

Assisted Lab: Deploy Services

Assisted Lab: Configure Network Settings

Assisted Lab: Configure Remote Administration

Assisted Lab: Troubleshoot Network Configurations

APPLIED LAB: System Management

Assisted Lab: Configure a Firewall

Assisted Lab: Intercept Network Traffic

Assisted Lab: Harden a Linux System

Assisted Lab: Verify File Integrity By Using Hashes

Assisted Lab: Configure SELinux


Assisted Lab: Manage Scripts

Assisted Lab: Configure a System with Ansible

Assisted Lab: Manage Version Control with Git

Assisted Lab: Deploy Docker Containers

Assisted Lab: Manage GRUB2

Assisted Lab: Deploy a Linux System

APPLIED LAB: Scripting, Orchestration, Installation

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CompTIA CertMaster Labs for Linux+ (XK0-005) Individual License

$100.00$190.00 (-47%)

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